Orange County Art Installation

Orange County Art Installation

Orange County Art Installation was contacted by a new Irvine resident who had lots of artwork to be hanged. This new penthouse suite came with art work already, one of the art pieces was installed over the flat screen TV. With a remote the artwork would rises (for TV view) or lower (to hide the flat screen TV). OC Art Installation Services was asked to remove this artwork and custom install a larger piece of artwork. There was also a larger piece of artwork that had to be hanged about 15 feet up on a stair well. Orange County Art Installation brought in scaffolding in to hang this difficult art hanging. One of the last challenging  installation was to hang two pieces of artwork over a wall that had black patent leather installed on it. So OC Art Installation services hanged these two pieces artwork with four hooks mounted on the ceiling, and then with two lines of monofilament  per painting were installed. Thanks to OC Art Installation services this Irvine art hanging and installation was a success.

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  1. Your Orange County Art Installation post, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards! Tony from OC

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