OC Art Installation of Peter Lik Art

OC Art Installation of Peter Lik Art

OC Art Installation of Peter Lik Art, Orange County Art Installation was contacted by www.lik.com on behalf of a Huntington Beach art collector. This Peter Lik art is called the Solace, it is a photograph of ┬áthe ocean and pier scene. This photograph was taken underneath the Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California. This art collector from Huntington Beach liked this photograph because it gives the allusion no matter which way you look at it, you still feel like you are under the pier look down through it. OC Art Installation was ask to hang the Solace art on a large wall in the master bedroom. So no matter if they are going to sleep or waking up in the morning they can look at the beautiful piece of art and it can remind them of the Huntington Beach pier and how they have chosen to live a few miles from this world renowned beach city prier. Thanks to Orange County Art Installation on this art hanging, the art collector gave great rave reviews to Peter Lik’s people about this great art hanging.

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  1. Rick from Irvine

    No matter if Peter Lik takes a shot from beneath a pier, to the side, or on top of it they all leave me in a trance. I sit there and stare at his photos for hours on his website http://www.lik.com. Peter Lik has so many amazing photos and I want them all.

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